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Rumble in Ramona

by Mike O'Meally | Oct 19, 2008 | | Leave a Comment

Old Skool jams are coming back! Just when you thought vert had rolled over and died (again!), the dudes that still love to scoop a nice backside air and sit on a long grind got their mojo together and organized something just for fun, and just for the hell of it. No real rules to speak of, no time clock and no big sports drink sponsors or TV coverage - strictly for the good times and getting all the bros together. Nice to see more of these on the regular! 

Jeff Grosso with a classic Eggplant

A classic Eggplant from Jeff Grosso

Vert Fans & Bearded Bros - Chris Haslam & Lance Dawes

The Vertical Vamp - Darren Navarette with a floaty method air

Bill Weiss busted out the 540 in practice.

Coming in much faster than a UPS delivery - Omar Hassan with a lengthy lisplide

Omar again, with a nice tail-boned mute air


3 Vert Legends - Grosso, Schaaf & Hassan

Takin’ a breather in a hollowed out old chassis - Wade Speyer & John Ponts

Good times on deck - Navs, Max & 2 Lances 

Peter Hewitt - always relaxed until its time to hit the gnarly switch.

Two Happy Chaps - Lance Conklin & Pat Duffy


Brophy AKA Man-child

by Mike O'Meally | Oct 14, 2008 | | Leave a Comment

Andrew Brophy is on fire. The young geeza from Western Oz, is coming out to the States more and more, you can be sure to see big things from him in the upcoming Cliche DVD, and look out for him on FourStar tours and in an upcoming issue TWS. 

Here you can see him in gazelle-like form, while flying across the 3 up 3 down in SF’s MissionDistrict.

Does he like to skate fast?  Does he like to fix up and look sharp? Is he the new Huf Store team rider?

Check to all of the above!